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Petland is our top place to buy pet food and dog treats. We always love to go there and see the cute pets they have. We got our dog Leo from Petland. He is the nicest, friendliest, and most cuddly dog. Every time we go to Petland the people that help and work there are always nice and have a smile. Leo loves Christmas. He plays in the snow and eats Santa’s cookies under the Christmas tree. When we come he lays there like a baby acting all innocent and cute. Leo would be the perfect Santa Claus with his white beard. Leo would be ho, ho, happy to win the holiday photo contest!
-Sara Baroncini

We had such a wonderful experience 2 years ago when we were looking for a puppy. The helpers were so nice and caring. They told us what all to expect about each dog’s behavior and personality. We looked at several puppies which were all adorable but we kept going back to the very first puppy that saw. My daughter said we need one with attitude, one that is sassy, but one that will cuddle and love us. Gracie IS that adorable sassy and loving dog with attitude! She completes our family! She greets us eagerly with tail wagging every single time someone comes in the door. She has no enemies what so ever. She loves everyone and every other animal, which is exactly what Petland said she would be like. Thank you Petland for our beloved Gracie!
-Scarlett Williams

Murray is definitely the cutest dog! He was found as part of a small pack of dogs roaming the cornfields of northern Iowa when he was just a pup. He has since grown into a sweet and sensitive dog, who is a loving member of our family. He loves off leash walks, playing with his kitty brothers, and snuggling on the couch.
Olly and Odyssey are Murray’s older kitty brothers. They are two peas in a pod, despite coming from different biological families. Odyssey’s gruff but lovable personality pairs perfectly with Olly’s mischievous tendencies. They are the cutest pair of cats for sure!
-Margaret N

It’s always fun to come into Petland and see all the new and exciting chew toys, treats, and dog food you guys carry. The staff has been very helpful in showing me the newer items and what they would recommend. My little Aussie is very thankful as well. You should see how excited she gets when we bring something new home for her to try. Thanks Petland!
-Coy Garton

I think our dog Lola is very cute. She is a yellow lab & is awesome around people especially kids. I Love the blend of colors she has. She LOVES to play in the snow in the winter time. Everytime we have visited petland everyone has been very nice and helpful.
-Kelsey Slay

We have two Frenchies from Peland that our family could not imagine living without. My husband started his favorite hobby at Petland, we now have at least 15 aquariums full of lovely fish. Santa brought a tiny tortoise for Christmas. The staff at Petland helped us get everything we need to ensure Tori the tortoise has the best possible start in life.
-Tracy McWane


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Kathryne E.

Customer Comments: I have a 3 year old Min-Pin named butch. He's my little baby. He is always making me smile. Min-Pins are a lot of work and need lots of attention (potty breaks) , however it's worth it if you have the time.

Chase D.

Customer Comments: I own an Australian Sheppard named Bella that is one year old and a mutt that is 4.5 years old. My dogs give me a reason to hang around outside, play at the part and wrestle in the house. Both happily follow me around and are quick to help with any spills or dropped food!

Becky G.

Customer Comments: I have a yorkie named Paisley and he is almost 1 year old! I love him to death and he makes my life better because I got him after getting out of the hospital a few times and he always puts a smile on my face and keeps my going during the hard times :)

Bryant N.

Customer Comments: Cooper - Puggle Cooper is a great dog and wonderful to have  around. I love coming home to him and he has brought excitement to my life.

Stacy F.

Customer Comments: Arthur - Boston Terrier Purchased at Petland 6 years ago I cannot say enough good about hwo wonderful my handsome 'man' is. He has always been healthy has a wonderful personality and displays nothing but positive traits. Thank you Petland!

Lee M.

Customer Comments: My albino flop-eared bunny is the love of my life. He's not the brightest crayon in the box but all he wants is to make me happy!

Alan K.

Customer Comments: Three and a half years ago our family visited the Petland in Iowa City. We had just lost our yellow lab the past fall to illness and were not looking for another. But a little dog who we call Teddy touched our hearts and convinced me to take him home. He has become an integral part of our family, full of energy playfulness and love. He is great with other dogs and is so friendly. Thank you Petland for bringing such a wonderful dog into our lives.

Jessica M. and James B.

Customer Comments: We have a male pug. 2 years old. His name is Mator. He's very nice and likes to paly outside. We got him here at Petland when he was 16 weeks old. He likes to give you kisses when you are sad. Loves belly rubs.

Sheila L.

Customer Comments: Buster - boston Terrier He's always happy to see us. He greets us at the door with a tennis ball in his mouth. He balances the tennis ball on his nose. He is a great Dog!

Alena V.

Customer Comments: I bought Ducky Delilah, a black and tan mini dachshund last July as a companion for my 10 year old lab. they got along great! besides cuddling all day Ducky has kept our lab youthful despite her gaining years. although ducky has a bit of a naughty streak we love her tremendously!

Jude T.

Customer Comments: They're really nice to look at. I have 3 nice aquarium setups with reptiles, fish and amphibians. It is cool to watch the frogs.

Amanda L.

Customer Comments: Phoenix - Italian Greyhound. He was our first pet as a married couple and he really brought us together as a family. when we decided later to get another he was the best big brother! Harries - he was an adopt-a-syrian. He is the best hamster ever. he has never bitten anyone. Let's the dogs sniff and lick him no troubles and is content to ride around in my pocket. Trudy - Bought her as a mate for Harris and she loves him so much. She grooms him and shares a sleeping pod with him. she just had first litter of 12 kept them all alive and takes such great care of them! Nothing but perfect pets!

Jaciclyn M.

Customer Comments: I have green tree frogs that I've let occupy my 14x24 orchid room. 300 orchids for the frogs to enjoy. I see them stalking insects. It's a natural way to control insects in the orchid room. I love the company of my frogs and hope to get many more! thanks to Petland!

Alek S.

Customer Comments: I go to Petland for fish and fish supplies. I trust the advice of the Petland employees which keeps me coming back. Currently I have a 75 gallon aquarium and most of the contents came from Petland. salt water fish is my hobby, and it all started here at Petland.

Ron S.

Customer Comments: Our family has taken home many Petland pets and it has changed our lives. We feel, and have found, pets in a family are priceless. Unconditional love, taking care of a life, and a commitment for life are just a few of the things our children have learned. thank you Petland for the opportunities you have opened to us.Our two dogs, Kali & Suzie Q, cat Gilbert, bird Plimpton Grace and many fish all say Hello!

Jeremy T.

Customer Comments: Coral and Fish make coming home a little more relaxing after a hard day starting into a fish tank makes life a little more enjoyable.

Bobbie+Paul G.

Customer Comments: Bella is a tiny maltese/yorkie mix. she is a wonderful pet and has adjusted well to life in our house. she has a very sweet disposition and has even proven to be easy to train. She's a very happy + healthy little girl it's been very exciting to watch her grow.

Meg A.

Customer Comments: I started out getting 2 females (rats) who were both pregnant. their babies and babies and now I have a house full of cute little furry critters. They are a handful!

Jim E.

Customer Comments: Sophie - Pincher she is lovable and on the go all the time. Loves to gout side and ride in the car. She is always that the door to welcome you home. I wouldn't give up on her for anything!

Allie B.

Customer Comments: I bought my pug, Abby, from a  local breeder. she's an awesome dog, but when I first took her home she cost me a small fortune. She was sick the first night and was so young (only 5.5 weeks old) that the vet only gave her a very mild antibiotic - she ended up developing pneumonia. I called the breeder and she said I could bring her back and get the other females, but she wouldn't pay for any vet bills. that of course was out of the question. when I first went to Petland and fell in love with a pug puppy I knew Abby would love to have a friend. I was so impressed by all the warranties and background information that I didn't mind Emma costing a bit more. the peace of mind that came with knowing Petland would help with vet costs and back her up was worth it.

Stephanie B.

Customer Comments: I have a cat named Bella and a Lhasa Apso/Cavalier mix named charlie that I got at Petland. They are both great pets and Petland was a great resource for any questions that I had.

Ashley L.

Customer Comments: Toby is my orange tiger kitty who is the most adorable kitten I have ever seen! Toby is fun loving yet gentle and sweet. Having Toby has been a great experience nad has changed my life forever! :)

Darren B.

Customer Comments: We also have 2 parrots and the kids love to teach them to whisper. And they enjoy the birds flying around. Pecking at them. What a joy!

Darren B.

Customer Comments: Big Ben the fish makes the 90 gallon tank look really nice. the kids love to watch the fish swim around.

Brian M.

Customer Comments: I stopped in to look at Saltwater fish, Andy helped me and made it easy to want to come back and buy more fish.

Sonia M.

Customer Comments: Snowball (rabbit) he has the run of our front screened-in porch. He makes us all smile when he hops all over. He loves his yogurt treats and cabbage.

Arielle B.

Customer Comments: I got my bunny, Ziggy, from Petland Iowa. He's adorable and came potty trained. My whole family loves him! Thanks Petland!

Andy N.

Customer Comments: I am the proud owner of an exquisite 75 gallon reef aquarium. I have numerous species of corals and fish that have come from Iowa City Petland's remarkable fish department. There is nothing more fascinating, bright and vigorous than the quality live stock I've found at Petland, certainly nothing has centered and hassled me more than presiding over my own aquatic suystem. It takes the eye of a naturalist to do it right and there is always one available at Iowa City Petland.

Jared C.

Customer Comments: I have 3 tanks full of Petland fish ranging from 75 gallons to 10 gallons. I've had them for 2 years. It is very rewarding to watch them grow and interact. I get an immense amount of pleasure watching them.

Kevin K.

Customer Comments: Takes off a lot stress due to work and home. Provides me with something to improve and watch grow.

Alexandra G.

Customer Comments: The pet I have is a long haired chihuahua. the staff was wonderful and knowledgeable when it came to any question I asked and general info about the puppy without Petland my life wouldn't be the same.

Mike S.

Customer Comments: I have been collecting fish and corals from Petland for many years. the corals I have give me many hours of enjoyment. my favorite thing to do is to tinker with my fish tanks. They are more than pets to me it is my hobby.

Mike S.

Customer Comments: Just over 1 year ago I bought my first Petland puppy. He is a 3.5 lb chihuahua. He is blue_tan and my little boy. his name is Magnum,  small dogs need big names. I could not imagine life without him!

Ken B.

Customer Comments: Zipper is a white boxer. She has come to live with my family after the death of our beloved Bulldog, robin.  I was sure no dog could ever fill Robin's shoes, but Zipper's kind and gentle nature have filled my heart like I never thought possible. She has filled my life with joy and laughter. Thank you Petland.

Nan B.

Customer Comments: the first time my daughter and I went into Petland in Iowa City, IA we were simply checking if they carried the brand of puppy food she was feeding. I left with a puppy of my own! Annabelle is my very best friend. I never wanted a small dog, but had fallen in love with my daughter's pug and didn't realize how much fun it would be to have my own. She is the best dog in the whole world and I don't know what I would do without her!

Mike K.

Customer Comments: Before I got Ozzi, my french bulldog, I had no hobbies. Now I'm outside all the time playing with my little buddy. He goes on walks with me, goes fishing with me and he even rides in my truck when I run errands. Ozzi gives me reason to get up in the morning and to come home at night no matter what happens, I know he'll be right there by my side. I love my Petland pet.

Cathie S.

Customer Comments: Two days before Thanksgiving 2009 my nephew was killed in an accident. My daughter and I thought we would feel better if we could go to Petland to pet puppies. On out 4th or 5th visit we met Baxter the Karin Terrier. We worked away each day but when Baxter was first placed in my arms I know he would help my heart. He has done just that. When he tilts his sweet head to the side we can't help but laugh. It's hard to be sad when Baxter is around. He's smart and learning new tricks. He rings a bell by the door when he needs to go out, how cute is that?!

Tanya M.

Customer Comments: We buy all out fish here. They are healthy and the employees here are very helpful and are always full of knowledge.

Josh A.

Customer Comments: Dr. Pepper is a ball python. He's very chill and never bites. He's healthy and was healthy when I got him. I can't wait to have a good 30-40 year relationship with him.

Constance W.

Customer Comments: I have fish they are very relaxing to look at all the beautiful roloes in the aquarium, it's just fun to watch them sometimes they chase each other, to my fish as a more relaxing pet to look at that just my opinion just peace and quiet.

Chris C.

Customer Comments: Beauseph purchases by Chrissy Wigin Seranian male. An amazing puppy in good health. A great addition to our family. ended up being slightly stubborn to stupid but that's just the breed... Thank Mike.

Rebecca K.

Customer Comments: We bought our very first goldfish for our son and daughter and we can't wait to watch them swim and play all day!

Bethany J.

Customer Comments: I got a puppy from Petland. I named him Grady. Great dog he makes me laugh all the time. He is very affectionate. He makes life a little less hectic.

Mary B.

Customer Comments: Almost 3 years ago I bought my first dog Chopper. He is a shitzu bichan mix and I must say he's the best dog ever! He always brightens my day and picks me up when I'm feeling down. He really is such a great friend and every one else seems to think so too! Since he's a small dog it's easy to take him on car rides and to friends' houses. He also loves going for long walks and runs with me on nice days. I guess what I love most about him is that he always makes me happy and he's always happy to see me.

Theresa A.

Customer Comments: I purchased 2 parakeets that have been sweet and personable I also purchase my seed and other supplies at Petland for all my other pets. Everyone here has always been most helpful and fun.

Bethany K.

Customer Comments: My cat is named cowboy. I was having a tough day and needed to play with some Petland animals. That's when I found Cowboy. He needed me and I needed him. He is the perfect cat for me.

Shen K.

Customer Comments: Cowboy AKA Cow Kitty. Cowboy is a white cat with black spots. He actually is the best cat I have ever had. He shows human-like affection. He has to touch you. Not only touch he will curve his paw to hold you. He always wants attention but if you can't give attention at the time he just waits. honestly best cat ever!

Carly K.

Customer Comments: I got my Oscillaris clownfish, Lancelot, 2.5 years ago. He has been an excellent addition to my tank. The staff was very helpful in helping me pick out the most appropriate clownfish for my tank size and experience level.

Megan K.

Customer Comments: I love my Petland dog! For the past 3 1/2 years she has been the best snuggle buddy I could ask for! Every day we'd get home she greets me with kisses + makes me smile and laugh. Rilo is a miniature schnauzer.

Myra G.

Customer Comments: I bought Margot, my miniature schnauzer from Petland a year ago. In just that short amount of time she has become my best friend #1 snuggle buddy and running partner. Making her a part of my family is one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Dean S.

Customer Comments: I have gotten 3 Blue Ram Cichlid from Petland. They have improved my life because watching them relaxes me. I enjoy watching them interact. It is an easy way for me to spend time.


Customer Comments: I have 4 puppies from Petland! They are usually the best part of my day. they are always there to pick up my spirits when I've had a bad day. I don't think a day has gone by when they have not done something that makes me laugh out loud. some days that's as simple as Lady (4lbs) walking right up to Blair (45lbs) and snatch the bone he has been chewing on. Other days it's as intense as Riley playing in the mud at the dog part. Every day brings something new, but it's always a barrel of laughs.

Page S.

Customer Comments: I have two boxers from Petland! Duke is a little over a year old and Maverick just turned one last week! they are the joys in my life :) Duke always knows how to brighten my day when I haven't had a good one, and Maverick never ceases to put a huge smile on my face! I love them both very much. I don't know what I would do without them I can't imagine a greater joy than being around my amazing puppies! thanks Petland!

Kylie T.

Customer Comments: I got a Shiranian (shit-tsu pomeranian) mix. Everyday that I come home froma  long day of school or from a long day at work, my dog is happy to see me. Every time I come home it brightens up my day.

P. Brooks

Customer Comments: I have purchased many many many saltwater fish, corals and live rock from many different Petlands. In fact I am always on the lookout for something new and cool to put in my tank I travel a lot, but when I come home it is soooo relaxing to just sit and watch all of my saltwater babies. This tank is part of me and I would be a little less empty without it. Thank you Petland for teaching me about saltwater fish and how to take care of them. I have learned so much and it has enriched my life.

Kelly L

Customer Comments: I love the people and the animals at this place. Very friendly and knowledgeable

Cynthia W

Customer Comments: The variety of dogs is great. We bought our long haired mexican dog at petland. They gave us great service.

Shayla R

Customer Comments: Love the animals and the staff! We have gotten 2 dogs from here and I will say they were/are the best dogs we've had by far!!!

Ace Bazan

Customer Comments: Great customer service, every questions asked was answered. They made it easy for us to say yes to our little buddy Odin. He was really helpful and friendly!

Lindsey A

Customer Comments: The store is well organized and clean. The staff is very outgoing!

Michelle G

Customer Comments: Great store! The prices are reasonable and service is great!

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