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Petland is our top place to buy pet food and dog treats. We always love to go there and see the cute pets they have. We got our dog Leo from Petland. He is the nicest, friendliest, and most cuddly dog. Every time we go to Petland the people that help and work there are always nice and have a smile. Leo loves Christmas. He plays in the snow and eats Santa’s cookies under the Christmas tree. When we come he lays there like a baby acting all innocent and cute. Leo would be the perfect Santa Claus with his white beard. Leo would be ho, ho, happy to win the holiday photo contest!
-Sara Baroncini

We had such a wonderful experience 2 years ago when we were looking for a puppy. The helpers were so nice and caring. They told us what all to expect about each dog’s behavior and personality. We looked at several puppies which were all adorable but we kept going back to the very first puppy that saw. My daughter said we need one with attitude, one that is sassy, but one that will cuddle and love us. Gracie IS that adorable sassy and loving dog with attitude! She completes our family! She greets us eagerly with tail wagging every single time someone comes in the door. She has no enemies what so ever. She loves everyone and every other animal, which is exactly what Petland said she would be like. Thank you Petland for our beloved Gracie!
-Scarlett Williams

Murray is definitely the cutest dog! He was found as part of a small pack of dogs roaming the cornfields of northern Iowa when he was just a pup. He has since grown into a sweet and sensitive dog, who is a loving member of our family. He loves off leash walks, playing with his kitty brothers, and snuggling on the couch.
Olly and Odyssey are Murray’s older kitty brothers. They are two peas in a pod, despite coming from different biological families. Odyssey’s gruff but lovable personality pairs perfectly with Olly’s mischievous tendencies. They are the cutest pair of cats for sure!
-Margaret N

It’s always fun to come into Petland and see all the new and exciting chew toys, treats, and dog food you guys carry. The staff has been very helpful in showing me the newer items and what they would recommend. My little Aussie is very thankful as well. You should see how excited she gets when we bring something new home for her to try. Thanks Petland!
-Coy Garton

I think our dog Lola is very cute. She is a yellow lab & is awesome around people especially kids. I Love the blend of colors she has. She LOVES to play in the snow in the winter time. Everytime we have visited petland everyone has been very nice and helpful.
-Kelsey Slay

We have two Frenchies from Peland that our family could not imagine living without. My husband started his favorite hobby at Petland, we now have at least 15 aquariums full of lovely fish. Santa brought a tiny tortoise for Christmas. The staff at Petland helped us get everything we need to ensure Tori the tortoise has the best possible start in life.
-Tracy McWane


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