Some of Our 5-Star Reviews

Jude T.

They're really nice to look at. I have 3 nice aquarium setups with reptiles, fish and amphibians. It is cool to watch the frogs.

Amanda L.

Phoenix - Italian Greyhound. He was our first pet as a married couple and he really brought us together as a family. when we decided later to get another he was the best big brother!

Harries - he was an adopt-a-syrian. He is the best hamster ever. he has never bitten anyone. Let's the dogs sniff and lick him no troubles and is content to ride around in my pocket.

Trudy - Bought her as a mate for Harris and she loves him so much. She grooms him and shares a sleeping pod with him. she just had first litter of 12 kept them all alive and takes such great care of them!

Nothing but perfect pets!

Jaciclyn M.

I have green tree frogs that I've let occupy my 14x24 orchid room. 300 orchids for the frogs to enjoy. I see them stalking insects. It's a natural way to control insects in the orchid room.

I love the company of my frogs and hope to get many more!

thanks to Petland!

Alek S.

I go to Petland for fish and fish supplies. I trust the advice of the Petland employees which keeps me coming back. Currently I have a 75 gallon aquarium and most of the contents came from Petland. salt water fish is my hobby, and it all started here at Petland.

Ron S.

Our family has taken home many Petland pets and it has changed our lives.

We feel, and have found, pets in a family are priceless. Unconditional love, taking care of a life, and a commitment for life are just a few of the things our children have learned.

thank you Petland for the opportunities you have opened to us.Our two dogs, Kali & Suzie Q, cat Gilbert, bird Plimpton Grace and many fish all say Hello!

Jeremy T.

Coral and Fish make coming home a little more relaxing after a hard day starting into a fish tank makes life a little more enjoyable.

Bobbie+Paul G.

Bella is a tiny maltese/yorkie mix. she is a wonderful pet and has adjusted well to life in our house. she has a very sweet disposition and has even proven to be easy to train. She's a very happy + healthy little girl it's been very exciting to watch her grow.

Meg A.

I started out getting 2 females (rats) who were both pregnant. their babies and babies and now I have a house full of cute little furry critters. They are a handful!

Jim E.

Sophie - Pincher

she is lovable and on the go all the time. Loves to gout side and ride in the car.

She is always that the door to welcome you home.

I wouldn't give up on her for anything!

Allie B.

I bought my pug, Abby, from a  local breeder. she's an awesome dog, but when I first took her home she cost me a small fortune. She was sick the first night and was so young (only 5.5 weeks old) that the vet only gave her a very mild antibiotic - she ended up developing pneumonia. I called the breeder and she said I could bring her back and get the other females, but she wouldn't pay for any vet bills. that of course was out of the question. when I first went to Petland and fell in love with a pug puppy I knew Abby would love to have a friend. I was so impressed by all the warranties and background information that I didn't mind Emma costing a bit more. the peace of mind that came with knowing Petland would help with vet costs and back her up was worth it.

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