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Petland Iowa City

Why Do We Need Pet Stores?

January 12, 2021
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Petland Iowa City is a responsible choice to buy a puppy. Not only do we comply with all local, state, and federal regulations including the USDA’s Animal Welfare Act, but we also go above and beyond such requirements. We provide a happy, healthy environment for our pets before they go home. Petland Iowa City uses spacious kennels maintained according to standards set by licensed professional veterinarians. A veterinarian examines every puppy before it arrives at our store, during its stay, and before it goes to its forever home. In addition, the potential customer can see the puppy’s health records prior to their purchase. All puppies are current on vaccinations & de-worming protocols. All puppies go home with $1,500 in accident & injury insurance coverage. A 14-day viral warranty is included. A three-year hereditary & congenital warranty is included. All puppies purchased get free vet exams with Gentle Heart Pet Clinic. All puppies purchased get one free month of pet health insurance offered by AKC. Thereafter, the customer can renew and keep pet health insurance. All puppies purchased get lifetime nail trimmings. Customers get lifetime in-store training for their puppy. Customers will receive spay/neuter certificate for their new puppy. All puppies are microchipped and registered in the national database for a lifetime. All puppies purchased come with a lifetime Amber-alert recovery system. All customers have the option to enroll in the Puppy-For-A-Lifetime Program. All puppies have the option to go home with a training kennel and training supplies. AKC or AKC Canine Program registration is included for all puppy purchases And more…