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What To Do If Your Dog Likes To Chew

October 14, 2021
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Do you have a new puppy or even an older dog that likes to chew on things in your household?  If you do, you’re not alone!  Petland Iowa City is back with great tips and this time we’re talking about pups that like to chew!  
There are a number of reasons your puppy or dog might be chewing.  Most commonly it will fall into one of these two categories:
1.  Puppy Teething – Yep, puppies experience discomfort when they are losing their puppy teeth just like children.  
2.  Anxiety Teething – Boredom is a big part factor when it comes to anxiety teething.  
So, what can you do?  You want toys in your house that they can chew rather than the furniture or the rug.  These chews need to be really attractive and you’ll want some soft & plush toys, different texture toys, and then you can get into the harder categories for stronger chewers like Nylabone or other Natural options for instance.  
Let’s say your dog is going through a particular-sized chew really fast, you will want to go up to the next size.  Check out this podcast for more tips on how to beat that battle of K9 “chewing” habits.  
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