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Puppy Potty Training Tips

October 14, 2021
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Looking for some helpful tips on how to properly potty train your puppy?  Petland Iowa City has three important tips to successfully potty train your pup.  Listen to this podcast for more details on each and check out some of our potty training tips below:  
Step 1.  Puppies are denning animals, be sure to use a crate/kennel for your puppy.  Puppies will learn to keep their kennels nice and clean.  False walls can do the trick within the kennel to allow proper space for your pet depending on size.  Once you are ready to take your puppy out of the crate in the morning, lift them up out of the crate and take them directly outside.  
Step 2.  While you’re outside with your pet, make sure you are rewarding your pup for any business they do outside.  The key is to reward them immediately after they do their business.  Don’t wait until they get back inside.  Incentivize the behavior you want to see from your pet instantly and your pet will quickly learn what they are doing correctly which ends with a yummy treat.  There are lots of pet treats out there you can choose from, or select a Lickety Stik liquid dog treat that pets go CRAZY for.  
Step 3.  Use a stain and odor removal with an enzyme that decomposes the smell of any urine spots in carpet, furniture, tile, wood, etc to remove the marking your puppy makes    
Step 4:  Patience!  While in the potty training process, ask yourself, “Is it better now than it was 2 weeks ago or a month ago?”.
**  Fun Fact: If you can keep your pet from having an accident in the house for three months (without incident), veterinarians say they’ve forgotten all about going to the bathroom in the house.
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