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Amazingly Fun Facts – Basset Hound Puppies

August 24, 2021

The Basset Hound dog is a breed that has a small stature and a long torso. They are a short-legged dog breed and watching them run never gets old. They add joy in their owners’ lives and are great companions. Discover more about our Basset Hound puppies for sale below! This dog was originally bred to hunt and retrieve smaller game-like rabbits and is still serving the same purpose in some world countries. They are scent hounds and can track a lot of items based on their scent. They are very cute dogs and are friendly with all they come across. This dog breed is very warm and cuddly around children and they make great house pets too. History The Basset Hound is mostly known as the Hush Puppy dog, however, this breed offers way more than just advertisements. This breed originated from the French as Basset is a French word for ‘low’, which suffices considering the petite height of the Basset Hound. It is believed that the Basset Hound is a descendant of the St Hubert Hound which just so happens to be related to the Bloodhounds of today. It is also believed that the Basset Hound breed is a mutation of the Norman Staghounds, also a St Hubert Hound descendant. Temperament This dog breed is too calm to ever display any form of aggression. This is one breed that practically gets along with everyone despite their species. From adults to children and other animals too, they’re very laid back and great companions too. This dog may be small but they’re very helpful and resourceful at home. They are always alert and for this, they can be used as watchdogs, but their stature diminishes their security abilities. The blood of the hound flows through the Basset Hound and just like its relatives, it is reluctant with training. Also, as scent dogs they can be very trail hungry hence they’re likely to go wandering whilst being led by scent. They are dogs that are mostly on their good behavior and they are good companions for kids. Environment This dog breed adapts really well to apartment settings. They are more sensitive to weather conditions than other breeds because of their small stature. Getting your Basset Hound a blanket during the winter and enough air conditioning during the hot summers will definitely make them feel more comfortable. Exercise Their pocket-friendly size, tiny legs, and feet make them really slow on the ground hence their exercise needs aren’t in any way demanding. The Basset Hound is fun and as lively as can be but they do not have a high energy level and as such high-intensity exercise activities aren’t for this breed. Grooming Their smooth but short hair has a way of repelling dirt and water. Their grooming is pretty simple. If cleaning their ears occasionally, wiping the drool they leave, and cleaning their facial wrinkles doesn’t sound like too much work, then you may just groom the Basset Hound yourself. 1851 Lower Muscatine Rd. Iowa City, IA 52240

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