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3 Things You Need For Your Cat

August 24, 2021

Here are my 3 Favorite things you must get for your cat: 1] Top Entry Litter Box – You might think your cat won’t go in, but they will AND your dog won’t! Hands down the best litter box design. Reduces tracking significantly. Does your dog like eating the cat poop like its chocolate? The top entry litter box prevents the dog from going in and getting a little morsel. 2] Silica Power Mix – Ever wonder why we let our cats poop and pee in clay, then we allow them to walk through our house with muddy little paws!? By switching to Power Mix you will get less tracking (especially with the top entry litter box), FAR less odor and you don’t have to scoop the urine clumps! Just try it and you will be a believer. Oh did I say it’s one of the cheapest litters as well? 3] Yeow Catnip Banana – This is high potency catnip in a canvas toy. Our cats just simply go nuts for these. They last for months. If they lose interest just roll the banana in your palms and your cat will act goofy for it all over again. You can get all 3 of these at our store plus a lot more! Petland Iowa City 1851 Lower Muscatine Rd. Iowa City, IA 52240

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