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Petland Iowa City

February 18, 2022
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Looking for a way to make Valentine’s Day fun for your pet?

Petland Iowa City has some fantastic ideas on how to make Valentine’s Day or any other special day of the year for that matter, extra special.  Listen on or read the description below for more great tips!

  • Scavenger hunts are the best way to have so much fun, not to mention, cheap too! You can use some catnip, laser beams, treats, toys, and other great ideas for your pet.  This is great for dogs, cats, hamsters, bearded dragons, and more!  

  • Some people even like to have some fun having dinner with their dogs.  Yeah, this sounds funny and is great for memory books.  Add a little kibble or their favorite treat to a plate at the table for the occasion and grab some clips.  Only do it once a year as a treat and for fun 

  • Another fun idea is watching a movie with your pet.  Have a lovely snuggle with your pet and watch a favorite show.  You will both enjoy quality time together.

  • Teach your pet a new trick!  Believe it or not, pets do like to be trained.  Find a new trick to work on and reward them for their efforts in training.

  • How about a pet massage?  Oh yeah, pets LOVE massages too!  Offer a nice little pet massage to your fur-buddy and watch their enjoyment.

For more great tips visit Petland Iowa City’s website here.

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